Rolfing's Understanding of Scoliosis


Scoliosis and lordosis are clinical terms that identify spinal exaggerations. In using the terms, we fall into the trap of understanding the imbalance as solely or mostly confined to the spine. But scoliosis is a structural imbalance of the body as a whole. The spinal imbalance affects the arms, legs, head pelvis, and rib cage as well as the rest of the body.  


Since the majority of cases are mid thoracic right cases this means eighty percent of all cases have decreased heart, lung, and cardiovascular capacity. The body’s diaphragms are affected by the side bends. Scoliosis’ side bends cause rotation and compression issues in the thorax, causing an inefficient use of lung, heart and circulatory space that further impairs the body’s optimal performance and posture.


A person who has Scoliosis tends to suffer from headaches, insomnia, back pain, shallow breathing and sciatica which are all brought about by having an elongated musculature on one side of their bodies and a shortened musculature on the other side of their bodies. This is what causes the curvature of the spine.


How Rolfing Helps Scoliosis Patients

As the scoliosis patient walks into the Rolfing Clinic, the Rolfer assesses the person’s posture and structural balance to ascertain the extent of the imbalance
n the feet, knees or pelvic area as well as gauging any other outward indicators of scoliosis symptoms.


Rolfing is used as a means to improve these conditions by realigning and lengthening the shortened connective tissue that wraps around the muscles. In other words, it de-rotates this connective tissue. This improves your posture and movement, which can help reduce or eliminate the headaches, back pain, shoulder and neck pain that is brought on by Scoliosis.


Rolfing specializes in de-rotating the connective tissue of the thorax and entire body to bring a certain level of balance and peace to beings with rotoscoliosis. The Rolfing technology takes the whole being into consideration when exploring how to work with each individual, seeing them for more than just the product of their environmental conditioning. Certified Rolfing has the capacity to release, realign, and balance the whole body


Besides looking at scoliosis, Rolfing also helps those with kyphosis and lordosis.





                                                     Before After the 10 sessions


The lady scoliosis and posture are more align after going through the ten sessions of Rolfing